Every October, Ilkley seems to double in size as visitors come from far and wide to experience the buzz and excitement of the annual Ilkley Literature Festival. Since 2002 we have been the Official Bookseller at the Festival and it now forms a vital part of our bookselling year.

Work starts over the summer as we work with the Festival team to work out how many events and venues we can cover, which books we need to order and how the logistics can be arranged. Then, based on a mixture of instinct, experience and ticket sales, we have to gauge how many copies of each book we think we will need.

After that it's just a case of everyone working flat out to cover more than 130 events over 17 days, working with authors from household names to new writers, and from as far afield as Albania and Zimbabwe, alll the time making sure our shop on The Grove is fully staffed too. We're exhausted by the end, but we can't wait for the next one!

Further information on next year's festival is available from the official website, www.ilkleyliteraturefestival.org.uk , where you can also join the mailing list and become a Friend of the Festival.


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